PF-650 Automatic Frying Oil Filter

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PF Series Oil Filter is a newly developed type providing unique functions ofautomatic filtration and uninterrupted running. With its innovative design,this filter is able to automatically discharge residue. Operation staff doesnot need to contact high-temperature parts, therefore the labour cost could be reduced and safety improved.

One technology breakthrough of this machine is to efficiently remove particles down to 1 micron. Furthermore, the oil/solid ratio of the residue is improved dramatically from 30% of vacuum filter to 2%.

This filter is equipped with German-made KSB/Allweiler pump, Siemens motor,Schneider/Mitsubishi PLC. These high quality components ensure the reliabilityof the filter.

PF Series Oil Filter suits best production lines with 1300-1500L oil capacity. Itis widely utilized in frying sea-food, pastry, snacks, and frozen meat products industries.

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